Cape Verdes

Sailing to Cape Verdes

After having bad weather in the port of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, we are served one week (in the small port was emerging in and had us torn off at the not quite smooth pier either the Fender or the boat aufgeraffelt, tzia, thus the shore excursion was rained off water) was the journey at 15:12. finally on. In Las Palmas we had taken on board by a private organization "Correo de Mar" clothes and school supplies, the list of recipients got down on his hands and the "trade" with Javier and Martha of course celebrated. We promised everything neatly on the island of Sal the Pescadero Nelson deliver
for distribution. Even if one speaks only a smattering of Spanish, we are pleased the locals so much that you flooded or happy ever after a torrent of words and sentences. Unfortunately I could not download the Portuguese Dictionary on our Franklin, nor have I found in the student district, a German-Portuguese dictionary, but some cordial discussions. When I took the Promptonfahrrad with folded rear wheel with the business, such as a waiting dog knocked him at the entrance to the head, I met mostly already the first laughing eyes.


The crossing was a breeze with about 8kn, 25-30kn wind ahead and after 4 ½ days we reached without any significant incidents that wonderfully protected small harbor of Palmeira. In the meantime, our waking and sleeping pattern has stabilized, every 4 hours is changed, Martins guard begins the evening by 20 clock. On Saturday the 21:12 we handed Nelson's clothes and school supplies and exactly at that time ran the one of the villagers eagerly awaited fishing boat. Thanks to the newly created relationship, we made war from fresh fish. On Sunday we explored with a Aluguer (taxi) the island and landed in a non-scheduled service in Espargos with drums, piano and lush vocals. To top it we were on the 1st floor of a building a cozy restaurant and enjoyed our first Cape Verdean meal. About Santa Maria in the south of the island of Sal, where we with filet, candles and starlight spent a cozy Christmas at anchor, we sailed at 26.12. continue to Boavista.


Here we expected snow-white, beautiful sandy beaches, the wind every kiter and surfer makes the heart beat higher, we hardly could enjoy, because once again the weather (this time it was the waves) certain of our daily routine. The shore excursion fell back into the water, the risk was too great that it would have pulled the anchor.


For this reason, the trip was already at 28.12. early in the morning continue to Maio, where we still wonderful cozy lie at anchor. The small town of Vila do Maio has very many colored cottage is peaceful and we are so far the only boat. We were on the first day when we were trying to sign us police officers clamped by a Capo To Verder and his girlfriend Christina a native Genoveserin under the wings. To help us knock out unceremoniously to the police in his apartment, told us the price of fish in the evening and invited us to their small sleepy roof terrace to a typical local fish dish one. On 30 we explored with a rental car under good management of To the island. Climbed the sand dunes to the north, bought fresh goat cheese, Kohler looked at her work (charcoal production) invited here and there on migratory locals and loaded them in the next village again. Especially was that each beach had other shells and that I chewed my first sugar cane. After a Spaghetata Chritina saved our growling stomachs and in the evening I had to have the pleasure of cutting the market house above the first floor with her hair. As a thank you we invited last night on our boat and enjoyed fresh tuna. We had hardly set the music, To began to dance, here is always everywhere at any time listening to music. Colors, music, warmth and ultra-clear sea water characterize this island. The village is currently in great preparation for tonight. It is planned that one buys a Eintrittsbändel, everywhere allows a "free" food and drink, also to the whole night on the dance floor are swinging .... More about New Year's Eve tomorrow. For us, it is to be delightfully received here so warm and well protected. One can lie quietly leave the dinghy on the beach, all of which are helpful and extremely comfortable.